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Hip Hop

Here at you will learn the history of Hip Hop as well as the many styles within it, such as; Breaking, House, and “The Basics”. You can also learn some Hip Hop Choreography in beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

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In the YouDance Ballet course, we break down every step clearly and efficiently. You will be able to go through courses ranging from Beginner to Pointe! After working your way through quizzes, the practice center, and several step by step instruction videos, you'll feel like a Ballet Pro in no time.

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Contemporary is very self-expressive, feel free to add your own style while working through the courses. Then take on other dancers interpretations while you learn Choreography from several well-known dancers that have been on So You Think You Can Dance and World Of Dance!

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Learn the basic jazz steps from Shelbi through our Jazz Courses! You will learn Hip Isolations, Fan Kicks, Chaînés, The Charleston and more! Once you have the basics down, you can learn some Choreography and do our fun Follow-Alongs!

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In the Clogging course at, you will become an expert in rhythm. You will learn why dancers only count to eight as well as how to find the beat. We have an entire course dedicated to helping you master the basics of Clogging!

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Boost your endurance and increase your strength as YouDance presents a more fun and convenient way to exercise! Follow-Along will Claudia’s routines that will get you fit and ready to conquer the dance world!

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“Being able to do YouDance in my home is great! I enjoy learning to dance alongside my kids! We have a great time together. It’s the perfect balance of being active and having fun!”

- Emily, busy mom of 4

“YouDance has made me more confident with dance, I’ve actually gone to a few school dances because of it! I love that you can go slow and learn step by step.”

- Jordan, 13

“My favorite thing about teaching dance is seeing the effect it has on people's overall well-being - is able to bring that feeling to the masses. YouDance isn’t just a great place to go to become a well-rounded dancer, you also become a well-rounded person.”

- Jevohn, a professional dancer

“Dance has become the place that I go to find peace and joy in my life. Can’t say enough good things. I love!”

- Mairin, a high school student

“My daughter is excited to be a stronger competitive cheerleader from doing online dance classes. YouDance allows her to learn at her own pace and time, and I get to save money!”

- Jeanteil, mom of a cheerleader

“YouDance has been so much fun for our family. Ours girls love the kids dances and we, as a family, have spent nights dancing together and learning new steps and moves. We can’t say enough good things about YouDance.”


“I love YouDance’s opportunity to explore new styles. It is an amazing way for dancers to improve in many styles, step by step!”

- Ariel, 16

“When I was training for So You Think You Can Dance, I had to train online at home because of my busy schedule. YouDance provides great quality & fun dance moves to learn. It’s great!”

- Darius, SYTYCD Top 10

“YouDance is a great source for people to get access to tons of styles of dances. It’s like getting one-on-one instruction at home and you can get the most out of each dance lesson.”

- Charity, 3rd Place on WOD

“What I like about YouDance is the accessibility that it creates for all different genres of dance. People can get the same quality of learning, or better, than they could get in a traditional dance studio.”

- Rachel, a professional ballerina

“I feel that everyone should dance because it helps you express things you can’t vocally. People should sign up for YouDance because you can learn in your own home, in a safe space.”

- Jaxon, WOD Season 2

“I am able to get quality instruction at a crazy good price at and I don’t have to take the time to go anywhere to get it. Quality, affordable and convenient. Win-Win-Win!!!”

- Whitney, 31, business owner

“I’m a ballroom dancer and I signed up for YouDance to try other styles. It’s been a great way for me to branch out and try something new! Every step is broken down so I feel that I am able to learn really well.”

- Faith, a college student

“YouDance is a great way to learn choreography because it’s very user-friendly, any dancer can go at their own pace and there’s a variety of skill levels to choose from.”

- Duncan, a Hip Hop Instructor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

At, our mission is to create a more convenient, fun and affordable way to learn dance. We believe that dance promotes health, happiness and confidence. Everyone should dance, and now anyone can, through the convenience of

What do I get for my enrollment?

You will get unlimited access to all of our content! This includes over 1,000 videos for you to learn step-by-step, by follow-alongs or learn choreography. You will have access to 7 different dance genres; Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Clogging, Jazz, Kids Dance Along and Dance For Exercise.

How long are the video lessons?

Our videos are taught very efficiently, ranging from 2 - 20 minutes. You are able to repeat videos as many times as you need and you can always pause and pick back up again another time.

Do I need a payment method to start Free Trial?

Yes, we do this for your convenience so your enrollment can start after your trial ends. If you cancel within 14 days, you will not be charged.

How do YouDance Points work?

You’ll earn YouDance points for completing a lesson, passing a quiz and practicing for 15 minutes every day in our Practice Center. The more points you get, the better dancer you are becoming!

What level of dancer is YouDance designed for?

YouDance is for all levels of dancer! We have lessons for absolute beginners and advanced choreography for those dancers that want a little extra.

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What devices can I use for

You can stream our videos through your TV with AppleTV. You can also view YouDance on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How much does YouDance cost?

We make it simple with one size fits all. You get unlimited access to all our content for just $25/month.

Are these dance classes live or prerecorded?

All of our classes are pre-recorded for two reasons: #1- Our videos are effectively taught, we don’t want to waste your time. #2- You can log in and learn anytime!

What genres/levels of dance do you offer?

We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Clogging, Dance For Exercise and Kids Dances. All genres and levels of dance are available to everyone when they sign up for a YouDance account

Am I going to get charged when I sign up?

Nope! If you choose to do the free trial, you will not be charged for 14 days. If you cancel before the end of your 7-day trial, you will not be charged at all.

What age group is YouDance for?

We have content for people aged 2 - 102! Children can enjoy our Kids Follow-Alongs while tweens, teens and adults will benefit from everything else we have to offer!

How do the quizzes work?

We believe that being able to evaluate your dancing is important, that’s how you’ll know if you’re on the right track or way off! Each dance lesson on ends with a quiz. Take it, pass it and you’ll know that you’re good to move on up to the next lesson

How do the Follow-Alongs Dances work?

Follow-Alongs are simple. Pick a Follow-Along in your level/genre that you’ve passed the lessons for, press play and FOLLOW ALONG as best as you can. It may take you a few tries to get it down perfectly, but the more you do it, the better you’ll become at picking up choreography.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

What happens if my card expires?

No stress! We’ll send you a reminder email. When you log in, you’ll be redirected to the account page to update your payment information.

How do I reset my password? Or change my information?

Once logged into, click on the dancer icon in the top right corner (or the lines on mobile), select "Account Settings", here you can change your "Account Information" and "Enrollment"

How long is the free trial?

14 days.

What is your refund policy?

Our system is not setup for refunds, however you can cancel anytime so you wont be charged in the future.

Where can I contact someone at YouDance if I have a concern?

Contact us at

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